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You may have noticed shifting of the Consciousness by changes in your memory, sleeplessness or feelings in your body, new perceptions about self, loved ones, job and/or purpose in being here, even life itself, that can vacillate from positive to negative at times. You might also yearn to connect with others of similar awareness. That is what these classes are dedicated to...helping to facilitate awareness and understanding so that you have more harmony ‘within’ and ‘without,’ and not only come to a fuller realization, but begin to manifest it by giving you tools and empowering you with a strong connection and heightened awareness. I have new offerings based upon classes I have taught in the past, and new ones with recent information. I invite you to read what is offered, and see if you feel a resonance personally, and are drawn to pass this information on to others who might benefit also. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you as we as individuals and a Consciousness return to the Divine and bring Love, Joy & Peace on Earth, Susan Reishus

Please note:
The class dates have changed.  I have decided to teach classes upon request for awhile, so if you see a subject that you are interested in, or have another subject you would like to learn more about or like to have one taught in your area, please contact me directly.  Divine Love and Light, Susan Reishus

Ascension  (beginning and continuing)
What is ascension and how do I know the difference in differing information or claims about it? Part One is covering the basics of the overall Plan and the levels and layers.  It is a multidimensional journey that can be jump-started consciously.  Part Two is clearing the way to an acceleration of that process and seeing consciously, your part in it and knowing you are well on your way and life is different than ever before.  Embrace love and joy and changes in your body, relationships and life.  This class creates awareness and is more experiential than words can describe here.
Sunday, April 26, 2008, 1PM

Love  In celebration of Valentines Day we are offering a class on Love and a fuller understanding of it in this dimension and everyday life from Divine Love to Human Love.  From my death experience, I will share an expanded understanding of it, along with wisdom from those who “remember,” including powerful things my children have shared.  You will discover a profound understanding of what it is in Essence, what interferes with it, how much you feel you have reflects your inner relationship/s with everything and everyone on multitudinous levels, and not only how to access it, but maintain it for long periods of time as a total Consciousness.  This class is not only for those who are in Love, but those who are seeking Love whether in relationship or not.  The manifestation of Love is also the major shift I have had visions of that is to accelerate for Ascension and Divine Intervention that is coming closer, and that we are direct conscious or unconscious participants in.  This is a pertinent and powerful class that will dramatically change you.  Bring a friend and each saves $25.                                                                Friday, March 23, 6:30-9PM                                                                                                                

Transitions & Transformation This is a popular class because you come to a fuller realization of what is really happening in relationships, career, health, abundance and even the identification with who you really are. The shifts in life need not be traumatic, and this class can be “eye-opening” in changing perspectives and giving you tools and techniques to understand and integrate awareness for a more fulfilling life experience. We access the “essence” of situations/changes, which bring clarity and empowerment.  Sunday, March 11, 2007 5:30-8 PM

Harmony-the Ultimate Virtue of All Time Harmony is the core virtue and the quintessential magnetizer.  With what is going on in the world, it becomes paramount to understand and realize the Virtues, and how to magnetize them.  Being able to maintain and raise in vibration as some of the world becomes more chaotic is not just a practical concern but changes you, your health , life, abundance, and the rest of the world.  Learn techniques to connect and anchor in the Light, and to amplify and then maintain it.  This experience has the potential to be profound for you, and will definitely help give you the tools to better every aspect of you and your life. Sunday, March 28, 2007 5:30-8 PM 

Love, Compassion and Letting Go
A rich addendum to the Transitions & Transformation class, this takes awareness further in a deepening to access the unconscious, and opening to Divine Love profoundly. If you have struggled or desired more in any relationship, or finding yourself and love, then this class will be revelatory in the relationship between your mental body and the heart/soul. You will understand compassion vs. judgment, and align with God/Divine/Source in a way beyond understanding.
(Transitions & Transformation is a prerequisite)

Truth Consciousness                                                                                                                              Truth is offered in this class as the Consciousness of All and Everything…as the Ultimate, as Divine Knowingness, and how to connect with it, integrate it, and live it within one’s life.  It relates to personal responsibility, and to the Work necessary at this time for the Planet and All upon it, and those Dimensions beyond that are also participating and affected by it.  The class will be offered in understanding related to Eastern teachings, and also integrated with the Higher Truth that is to come precipitously, into the Consciousness here.  Visions I have had will be shared of what that will look like, and all related.                                                                                                  (pending)

Finding Your Purpose
You may have always asked “why am I here,” and wondered why you aren’t fulfilled with your career and how to access what you feel inside as an urging. We will work with your plan before coming here, the genetics of your family and your interests, and various other tools to access what you came to do for yourself and others. Manifesting your creativity and purpose is incredibly exhilarating, and lifts everyone else on the planet. This will open you to get it, and get on with it.

The Path-Awakening Spirituality and Intuition

This series condenses a 24-week course into four all-day sessions offered in succession. The classes focus on Laying a Foundation, Access to the Other Side, Manifesting it on This Side, and Practical Forms of Integration. Each Sunday is an intensive covering approximately 22 subjects and includes experiential exercises, lectures and sharing. This is based upon my 30-year journey and a vast area of subjects I know. A partial itinerary includes: Aura’s, Past Lives, Mediumship, Higher Self, Palmistry, Initiation, Hypnosis, Feng Shui, Angels, Soulmates, Yoga, Dowsing, ET’s, Flower Essences, Near Death, Meditation, Ascension, Guru’s, Hierarchy, Dreams, Rays, Indigo/Crystal Children, Color, I Ching, Shamanism, Rebirthing, Healing and Bardo, to name a few. People that are new to the Path as well as those who have journeyed for decades find it valuable and validating. It is requested that you attend the first class as it lays the foundation for the others, and each is designed to build upon the previous one. Anyone missing one of the classes in a previous series is welcome to make-up a class this time to round their experience out. It is bonding and some find “family” when attending.                                                                                                    (pending)

Fear and Denial and the Master Plan
There is a Master Plan going on, and though you have had pink and red flags, you might not have put the puzzle pieces together, nor your part in it.  Clear the fear and denial through shifting the mental body.  Have a deeper inner realization that you are a part of this and make the unconscious, conscious and bring joy, love and fulfillment into you/your life.  This class is helpful for everyone and opens you up in a profound way and strengthens and enhances your connection to your Soul, Essence, Higher Self and Guides/Hierarchy.

Direct Inner Contact and Intuition
Why does everyone else have more of a gift than me?  If everything is changing, how can I know my place in the world and if things do get scary, how do I know where to go, how to be and how to connect the dots within myself and my life?  Which "sign" is the right sign, and how do I discern the answer from making life-changing choices, to whether or not to "trust my mechanic?"  Deepen your connection with old and new tools and be surprised at what was there already awaiting your acknowledgment.  Many levels covered and experiential also.


Manifestations and World Changes
There is a quickening building up to undeniable changes in 2007.  It has begun and the feeling for everyone is undeniable.  We are in the process of the big "wake-up call" that isn't going away with the earth, world events, and our own humanness, all drawing us toward our Essence and our True Reason for being here at this time.  Help to linkup consciously, prepare and know why this is all happening and what to do to help yourself and everyone else by facilitating your ability to shift realities effectively and constructively and consciously manifest.  Deeper levels will be uncovered within you to help you realize and contribute to yourself and the Whole with love and beauty, and see your profound purpose in it all.



These classes are scheduled on a regular basis, but if you are drawn to one, or have another subject you would like covered, please call or write and we can put it on the roster.

Classes are also available online for those not in the area, or other countries.  Write for more information. 

Please call, write or email with any questions, and share this with others you feel might benefit. Notify me if you would like to receive these offerings via email. I am looking forward to meeting each of you!
Susan Reishus

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