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HEALING WITH THE HIERARCHY is at the bottom of this page: 


You know a powerful psychic when they don’t ask questions.  Good luck getting a word in with Susan Reishus.  She is so connected that the information flows like a river.  And forget taking notes, you won’t be able to keep up…just wait for the tape.


But much more importantly, Susan is one of those rare intuitives that has done the spiritual work to bring in the highest and truest information.  Her powerful readings unravel the mysteries of your soul’s journey and initiate deep healing. 


While at once touching the profound and helping me understand heretofore-indecipherable relationship issues, her abilities are also so precise that she was able to identify a mineral deficiency that was the root of a chronic health issue, traditional means had been unsuccessful in providing me.


Thank you Susan, you’re an angel on earth!

MRE – Half Moon Bay, CA.



     In a reading I had on June 5, 2006, Susan said a new woman was coming into my future.  (I was single & looking/waiting for someone of substance).  She said this was to happen within 2 months.  She described her as within a few inches of me.  I had to question that, as I am 6’2”, but Susan insisted she was tall and around 5’10-5’11”.  She was to have lighter hair, but not too blonde; a honey color possibly.

     August 2, 2006 (see date above): At a gathering for a friend who was moving out of state, I was taken aback by my first visual of this “new girl” coming toward our group of friends.  I was immediately drawn to her and knew I wanted to know this person.  I remember seeing her from across the room first and saying in my head, “I like her.”

     She was tall, 5’10”, and had light colored hair as stated.  We had an immediate and easy conversation and I didn’t take very long to tell her that I was attracted to he,r and asked her out.  I had put Susan’s comments in the back of my head and hadn’t realized this was “the woman” she had told me about, until my car ride home that night.  I was shocked when I realized the date range and all the criteria that she has predicted so well. 

K.P. – St. Paul, MN.



Susan has been instrumental in helping me to connect with my true spiritual SELF.  Through her classes and readings, I now have a greater understanding of my purpose here on earth.  I am more at peace with myself and have a greater friendship with God.  I could not have asked for a more remarkable, caring, spiritual person to help me as I continue on with my spiritual journey.

Frank Romero


Susan’s knowledge is prodigious and beyond this realm.  She packs the wisdom of several lifetimes and other worlds into her sessions.  The Path, for me, was a transcendent, life-changing experience.  I’ve never had a class like hers in my life and have an inner calm I have never possessed before.  I adored every minute of them and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to understand the true purpose of their life and gain the tools and wherewithal to realize their fullest potential.  If you have a chance to take any, do.  You’ll never be the same.

Maureen Fischer – author & president of Industry Press Services


Thank you Susan. for giving me direction in my life.  You have removed a big rock from my door.

Tom Hogue.


Susan is remarkably accurate, one of the most accurate psychics I have ever met.  Her readings, of which I’ve received many over the last several years, have always been profound, helpful and extremely predictive.  She hears directly the wisdom from my Guides and this information has been powerful and very useful. She gives her utmost to being of the Highest Service and I am grateful for all she has conveyed to me.

L.C. – Santa Fe , NM 


    Susan Reishus was the person who predicted our new home right up to the “place of interest” area that is above our front door inside our home.  I called upon her for help when my husband and I were dismissed from our 14 years of apartment caretaking.  New owners had bought our building and we were informed that they had no need of our services as they had their own people.  This was a very stressful time and we had no idea of what our next step was to be, other than that we did not want to continue renting.  We had a small income so things felt overwhelming when we thought of buying a home.

    In the reading I had with Susan, she told me that the way in which we would get our new residence would be unique and not the usual way of financing.  We got a brand new home with neighborhood financing for artists only.  My husband is a lifelong musician so we immediately qualified.  She said there was lots of air and light – our home has vaulted ceilings.  She said we would be by nature.  We are a block from a beautiful park.  She said it would be within a few months from the time I spoke with her in the fall.  We moved into our new home in May of the next year.

    I cannot thank Susan enough for her support and help!  We have been in our new home now for 5 years, and are continually grateful for this gift and the woman who “saw” it in our future.  I would recommend her to anyone at any time. 

MKB Minneapolis, MN


Susan is clear and concise and extremely gifted; she is a consultant to consultants, the psychic’s psychic.  She is endowed with genius in a multitude of areas.  I have benefited from her wisdom for many years and would highly recommend her.

Deanie Lerner

Susan is a mentor and life guide/coach who can provide answers in a session that take many people years of counseling to understand….  

Rebecca LeTourneau


Healing with the Hierarchy


When I was young, I asked the Hierarchy for healing and in different ways, but I was struck by the similarity to my version, and another person’s who published a book decades later called “Map Coning.”  Her emphasis was oriented more with nature spirits and she also used flower essences, which I don’t find necessary, but I am sharing what I do, and you can check out her version if you feel drawn to.  The main portion of this is in aligning with the Universal White Brotherhood, of which I am a member and had the honor to spend time with and represent on an occasion, whom in this incarnation was Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.  He has come to usher in every Golden Age through the history of Earth, and there are many stories I experienced and others have told that I can share with you, but perhaps another time.  His coming was the misunderstood mystery in Jeanne Dixon’s book where a child is brought into the world that changes it.  I had the honor of introducing the two of them in DC at Watergate before both of them left this dimension physically.  He has several collections of books of Wisdom and Divine Truth that you can obtain information from via or online such as Amazon, or you local New Age or bookstore can order them for you.


The Universal White Brotherhood is an ancient name for the Hierarchy, and it’s members on Earth are either incarnates of Hierarchy, or conscious being choosing to raise their vibration to align with and consciously serve the Hierarchy.  “White” represents white light, which is all colors of the rainbow, and Brotherhood is an older term for a collection of Beings with a concerted focus.  Occasionally people seem confused by the words in the name, but they are ancient words given long ago, and no inferences reflecting current social consciousness are intended.




It is important that you do this initially with clear focus and intention and allow a sacred space without interruption.  Slamming doors and ringing phones can be damaging to the bodies, and you are encouraged to be in a relaxed space, void first, have a little protein on your stomach and not be overly tired so you can stay awake during the first session.  


Lie down and verbally request a Healing with the Hierarchy.


·         Invite the Overlighting Deva of Healing

·         Invite your Master Teacher and Guides

·         Invite the Universal White Brotherhood Medical Team

·         And your Higher Self

You may ask for anything you think you need, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.  Because we don’t consciously know everything that is going on within us, nor the source of it (as we may be more concerned or aware of the symptom only), then I suggest that you include at the end,

·         And anything else that is of my Highest and Best Interest and Service, as they will not intercede without your permission (unless a calamitous situation requires intervention to keep you safe).

You may ask for anything you think you need, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.  Because we don’t consciously know everything that is going on within us, nor the source (as we may be concerned with the symptom), then I suggest that you include at the end,

You are to lie still during this time, and the beautiful part is you are always responded to and feel a shift, whether subtle or dramatic.  People typically have a sense of Presence and being worled on, though it may be a delicate sensation for some.

Try to keep it to three things or fewer as you will be surprised at the long list you come up with.  <smile>

From this point on, you can use it creatively like asking for it before you fall asleep at night, or having them run it for you through a difficult day.  People sometimes contace me stating that they love it so much that they can find after awhile they don’t feel good.  This can happen to those who do it daily as you shift so much that you aren’t sure you are comfortable with being clearer.  Take a break for a day or two and go back to it.  Don’t feel like you have to do it every day, but if there are physical conditions, underlying emotions or DNA/genetic/enviriomental conditons you are trying to shift, etc. you may find you prefer to have a more concerted focus, or it may come up as things arise and you do it spontaneously.  You can ask for them to help you shift to a Higher level of Consciousness, and be more clear, intuitive, etc. also.  It is unlimited, but remember this healing is for you, so rather than asking for healing for another, ask that you shift and then within interpersonal relationships the dance will change because you have changed, as our primary focus is on taking care of our own consciousness and “closets,” which benefits everyone else on the Planet and elsewhere!  <smile>

Feel free to write or call with questions.  This is a Universal Gift from the Divine accessible to everyone.


Love, Light and Harmony to each and every one of you!


Susan A. Reishus





Please call, write or email with any questions, and share this with others you feel might benefit. Notify me if you would like to receive these offerings via email. I am looking forward to meeting each of you!
Susan Reishus

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